Neil Larwood
Neil Larwood

I have been a qualified ADI since 2011. I had not attended a Test Check before as my previous one had

been postponed. I didn't really have anything to compare the new Standards Check to.

Possibly this could have

been a benefit to me. During my 1 to 1 in car training sessions I learnt that the new Standards Check was more about

coaching the pupil and encouraging them to think for themselves rather than always telling them what to do. This has

had a great impact on my tuition skills and encouraged my pupils to get more actively involved in what they would like

to get out of a lesson. This more 'hands on' approach really helps them to remember what they have learnt in each


I feel that the 2 hours spent with Vicki and a second 2 hour session with Karl was crucial to the preparation of my

Standards Check. This is because actually doing what is expected in a test and talking through my worries and concerns

and getting feedback in return is far more valuable than purely reading up on theories and relying on lessons with


I really do recommend this type of preparation to get the best possible result in your Standards Check. Of course I

was nervous but if I hadn't had the 1 to 1 in car training I would not have had the confidence of knowing what would be

expected to pass and get a great result. Karl and Vicki supported me every step of the way and helped me gain a result

that I am exceptionally proud of; Grade A with a score of 49 out of 51.

Ashley Colyer
Ashley Colyer

I decided to train as a driving instructor as I was finding it difficult to secure a permanent job after finishing university. I had been working for a well-known retail giant and felt I could do more working for myself. Some of my family and friends had asked me in the past to help them with their driving, all of them said to me after I had help them that I should become a driving instructor. So I put their advice to good use and started training.

I liked the idea of training as an ADI as I could fit in the training while still working. Nothing really prepares you for the task at hand. This is why getting the right Instructor is vital.
This is where Carl Malley comes in.

Carl is very knowledgeable about the industry, and how to succeed. I remember that I found the part 2 test easy, and when I passed Carl said “now the fun begins.” He wasn't wrong.
Carl was very patent with me, as it took a while sometimes for things to click into place. He was always very supportive and kept going, even when I thought I could not do it.

There are a lot of techniques Carl taught me that I use everyday in the car and I always find myself using them again and again. The materials he used where very good, the first thing I did was purchase everything he recommended during the training, and I still use them today.

I was very happy with the training I received and the results. I would recommend anyone who wants to change their career to give it a go.

Nigel Fox
Nigel Fox

I qualified as an instructor two & a half years ago under Vicki's guidance. Not only did she help me to pass my ADI

part 3 with a 5 & 6 grade but she gave me good advice on how to run my own business and introduced me to some amazing

fellow driving instructor friends who I have grown close to.

Just recently I saw Vicki on the road and I said to my pupil 'That's the lady who helped me become a driving

instructor' - they said 'Well she did a blinking good job! So thank you Vicki, because I really love this job!

John Ashenden, ADI since September 2009
John Ashenden, ADI since September 2009

Before training as an ADI I had been a printer for 23 years in various jobs, then had to give up work to look after

my children after I was widowed in 2001. As the children grew older I was looking for a new challenge but didn't want

to go back to working for someone else.

I was drawn towards the driver training industry as I have always liked driving and had taught my late wife

successfully so thought I could give it a go. When I looked at the level of training needed and the pass rate I entered

with a lot of trepidation as to whether I could do this. Vicki was appointed as my trainer and gave me all the support

and encouragement I need to see me through all stages of the training, being calm, patient...but pushy when I needed

it! I honestly don't think I could have got through without her help.

Now I have been an ADI for 5 years and the job has fitted perfectly round my commitments to family. I can choose the

hours I work. When I want to go on holiday, it’s just great not having to answer to anyone anymore. But the best part

of the job is the satisfaction of seeing pupils pass as confident drivers when only a short time before they were so

nervous in their first lessons.
They say people never forget their driving instructor and I still get messages from pupils from my first year as they

tell me how they are and when they get new cars etc. It has been a life changer for me. Thanks Vicki.

Angelo Occhiuzzo
Angelo Occhiuzzo

Vicky Livermore was my instructor when I was preparing myself to become an ADI. After the first couple of lessons, I

was very pleased that Vicky had been allocated to train me. This is because her method of teaching was simple, direct

and easy to understand.

Becoming an ADI made a huge change to my working schedule, from commuting every day into London to being able to

work close to home. The best thing is that I can choose which times I work and I can be my own boss.

Mark Horton, ADI since 2009.
Mark Horton, ADI since 2009.

Vicki is a fabulously competent competent ADI trainer. Her interpersonal skills are second to none. I loved the way she moulds her teaching techniques to suit the individual.

Vicki is able to quickly work out areas of weakness and focus training accordingly. I cannot thank her enough for helping me through the pt3 which is without doubt the most challenging experience I have had in a long time!