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Want a new career? Worried about redundancies in your current place of work? Would like a job with more flexible hours that give you more free time to spend with your family and friends and that also gives you more control over how and when you work? Then becoming a qualified ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) could be the job for you. As a qualified ADI you can earn up to £30,000. If you're interested in receiving professional driving instructor training please contact us today via our site contact form, phone or email for driving instructor training with Kinetic Driving School. Your path to a new career can truly start right now!

Complete one to one in car training courses delivered by our ORDIT qualified ADI’s

Our Ordit registered Instructor trainers have over 20 years’ experience in driving instructor training and will thoroughly prepare you for each section of the DSA Tests. All your training will be on a "one to one" basis with our instructor trainers. So you won’t be sharing training session time with anyone else. The benefit of this speaks for itself! You will also have the back up of on-line support and an area manager which you can call anytime to help and support you through-out your training process.
Learn at a speed that suits you. We tailor our training to each individual so we can deliver a bespoke course just for you. Enquire today and see how we can change your life for good.

Benefits of Joining Kinetic Driving School

Driving instructor training in Medway
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Driving Instructor Training Benefits: Office Support
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